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Breakfasts Around The World

A Canadian breakfast – that eggy looking section is actually perogies. Perogies are boiled, baked or fried dumplings made from unleavened dough and traditionally stuffed with potato filling, sauerkraut, ground meat, cheese, or fruit. Then you’ve got some sausages and toast to mop it all up. Breakfast in Mexico – the delightful plate above consists of beef tips, chilequiles and other assorted goodies eaten in Manzanillo. Nachos, cheese and beans always feature heavily and a delicious, spicy breakfast is the norm A Philippines breakfast – it’s all about the local fruits here. Mangoes are popular fare to keep you regular. As for keeping your energy up rice is the top choice, or the little sausages, known as longganisa, you can see above. When fried with salt and garlic cloves it’s known as sinangag. The sinangag is then combined with eggs, meats and beans and bob’s your uncle, fanny’s your aunt, a delicious Philippine breakfast is born. Breakfast in Iran – it usually features some sort of naan bread with butter and jam. When a light breakfast just isn’t going to hit the spot Iranians eat halim. Halim is a mixture of wheat, cinnamon, butter and sugar cooked with shredded meat in huge pots. You can eat it hot or cold. You can also see the Iranian version of an omelet here too. A Korean breakfast – breakfast is similar to lunch and dinner in Korea. You’ll get a small plate of kimchi, a bowl of rice and a bowl of clear vegetable soup.  A good old-fashioned slice of toast is also a popular choice, but that doesn’t make for nearly as good a picture. Quick Spanish breakfast – Pan a la Catalana, or Pan con Tomate, in Spain is simple but really delicious. Just rub some bread with fresh garlic and plenty of ripe tomato, then drizzle with olive oil and salt. Top with cheese, ham or sausage for an extra bit. A hearty Scottish breakfast - much like a full English and a full Irish, but the country’s USP is the ‘sumptuous’ slab of haggis served alongside every fat-fried egg. Don’t know what haggis is? Scroll down quick if your animal eating habits err on the queasy side. It’s sheep’s heart, liver and lungs minced with onion, oatmeal, suet, spices, salt and stock A Brazilian breakfast - mmmm a delicious selection of meats, cheeses and bread is the normal breakfast fare here. Jazzy rosething crafted out of I don’t know what, optional. Swedish breakfast – often involves a Swedish pancake, known as a Pannkakor. It’s a thin flat cake made from batter and fried on both sides – much like a crepe. It’s usually served with a sweet, fruity filling.
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Cream Tortoise Antwerp Sunglasses | Prism | Avenue32 - Cream tortoise Antwerp sunglasses by Prism. Inspired by the artistic design-led city, the soft edged frames have a delicate shape with a quirky twist. Cream tortoise shell print. Silver mirrored lenses. Pair with a Venice Beach or Puerto Fino bikini top for the perfect geeky sexy beach look. A yummy Moroccan breakfast - usually consists of different breads with some chutney, jam, cheese or butter. They have a really delicious crumpet-style bread which they make in huge slabs for you to tear a bit off, and a semolina pancake bread called Baghir – both are really tasty - View 50 of the World’s Best Breakfasts from Around the World > Designer: Matthew Williamson  - I love this dress. Breakfast in Denmark - top marks for presentation here. On a Dane’s breakfast plate you’ll often find rye bread, cheeses, salami, ham, pâté, honey, jam and sometimes even thin ‘plates’ of chocolate. It came as a bit of a shock to me but my research has shown that bacon is not actually that popular! Dun dun durrrh. How can this be? Apparently they send in all to the UK. Red and Black Diamond Dresses. I have no idea which designer this is but they are beautiful designs. If someone is able to tell me who the designer is that would be great, thank you. x Mitford Short Pyjama | Poplin | Avenue32 - Why not look wonderful while relaxing? asks Lucy Archibald, creator of the distinctly British sleepwear Poplin. These effortlessly chic vintage-inspired short pyjamas pay tribute to the mishievous Mitford sisters. Curl up and read a book, chat on the phone in bed and sleep blissfully in lovely soft blue and white cotton - divine! Monk Yellow Monastic Gown | Barbara Casasola | Avenue32 - Monk yellow silk crepe monastic gown by Barbara Casasola. This gown is sleeveless, with large pleats at the back. It hits just above the ankle at the front and falls to the floor at the back. Strawberries Arnaud an ice-cream. strawberries with citrus and red wine, but the strawberries found at Arnaud's restaurant in New Orleans French Quarter is not just some sliced fruit. The difference lies in the topping - A one of a kind 4.7 carat pink diamond ring once belonging to the British financier Sir Ernest Cassel. This makes the dessert worth the $1.4 million, the strawberries are served with a $24,850 Charles X crystal liquor. Sidewalk Chalk Drawing (Modern Art). Whoever done this piece of artwork is extremely talented. Totally brings the walkway to life, genius.
Kimberly Jacobs

Kimberly Jacobs

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A healthy Hawaiian breakfast – I couldn’t imagine Hawaiians eating anything but fruit to be honest. Of course, there’s the bagel but I’m sure they’d burn the energy from that off in a few minutes on their surf board anyway
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