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Your World in Pictures & Videos - Share with others anything you like and connect with people and friends who have similar interests. is a virtual pinboard that lets you organize pictures and videos that you’ve found of the web in just one click. You can then share, connect, follow and browse pinboards created by other people (and vice versa). People tend to use pinboards to plan weddings, family parties, events or special occasions. Whereas others may use them to store home improvement ideas, cooking recipes, holiday locations, favorite cars and so on...

Discover something new today and get inspiration from other people around the world who have uploaded their pinboards, who knows you may even make some new friends along the way who share similar interests! well that’s the idea :)

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NEWS UPDATE : The pinned Geo Location App is currently in BETA and will be ready to launch on iTunes later this year. You will be able to pin the exact location of everything and anything, be it a picture you've just taken, a video you've just filmed, or a hotspot you want to share with the world. You will also be able to keep a track of your daily movements and view breadcrumbs of where you have been depending on your settings.

Once you've pinned something it's instantly viewable on our google mapping system depending on your privacy settings. You can also categorize your pins and view a timeline of everything you've pinned daily, monthly, yearly etc, It's just brilliant.

Creating pinboards is very addictive and a great way of communicating with people who share similar interests.

Get pinning now :)